The Contributions of New Americans

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New American Economy
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August, 2015

The Contributions of New Americans

As part of its "Reasons for Reform" campaign, the Partnership has produced 51 reports on the "Contributions of New Americans" in each of the states and the District of Columbia. Each report begins with a demographic overview, followed by a description of the role played by immigrant entrepreneurs in stimulating the local economy. The reports also detail the contributions of immigrants to specific industries, such as agriculture, the various STEM fields, and healthcare. Other topics include: immigrants and the housing market, immigrant tax contributions, and the role of international students.  Consistent with the Partnership's position that the American economy would benefit from an increase in the number of immigrant visas issued for employment purposes, each report also includes an analysis of "visa demand" in each state, along with an estimate as to the number of jobs that might be created locally from an increase in the availability of such visas. The reports also break out the undocumented population from the larger immigrant population, showing for example, the industries that have the largest share of undocumented workers.  Finally, the reports provide estimates as to the economic benefits that might accrue from campaigns to promote naturalization among eligible immigrants.



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