Task Force on Foreign-Trained Physicians

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Minnesota Department of Health
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January, 2015

Task Force on Foreign-Trained Physicians

The challenge of integrating foreign-trained physicians is complex and long-standing. In Minnesota, the issue gained urgency as policy makers sought to address several major issues facing the state, including shortages in the supply of physicians, an aging and diversifying population and persistent health disparities. An advisory task force was convened to develop strategies to integrate refugee, asylee and other immigrant physicians into the Minnesota health care delivery system. Its report found that more than one-third of Minnesota’s licensed physicians were 55 years or older and that physician shortages would begin in the next five to 10 years. About 16% of all licensed physicians in Minnesota were trained outside of the U.S. but many other faced licensing barriers mostly in finding residency placement. The report found that high-skilled immigrants overall were economic assets and estimated that Minnesota immigrants with graduate degrees could earn $134 billion over their lifetimes. The task force made several recommendations including the creation of a statewide council on immigrant physician integration; providing gateway and foundational support to immigrant physicians; and developing a standardized and rigorous assessment process to evaluate the readiness of immigrant physicians.

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Minnesota Department of Health. (2015). Task Force on Foreign-Trained Physicians. Minnesota Department of Health. St. Paul: MN. Available at: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/orhpc/workforce/iimg/finalrpt.pdf

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