Immigration Research and Information

Immigration Research and Information is a vital source for research and statistics on immigrants and immigration in the United States. This unique database pools together in one place the spectrum of contemporary information on U.S. immigration. It is drawn from respected universities and research institutions from across the country.

Immigration Research and Information was developed for use by the media, policy developers, researchers and students, legislators, developers of state immigrant integration initiatives, immigrant advocates and educators.


How it came about

This database was developed from a vision of a National Steering Group on U.S. immigration convened in 2008 by The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. (ILC) of Malden, Massachusetts, under its Public Education Institute. The ILC carried the vision forward by collaborating with the University of Massachusetts Boston to develop the site and by financing its development.


What you will find

  • Basic information: U.S. immigration facts and stats taken from recent U.S. Census data.
  • Research: studies and reports searchable by topic (economics, labor, education, etc.), U.S. states and immigrant groups.
  • Resources: the most convenient online tools for easy sourcing of more U.S. immigration and immigrant information.
  • News and Events: a live RSS feed from premier organizations as well as current events on U.S. immigration.


Who made this possible

The ILC Public Education Institute thanks our collaborators on making recent and important U.S. immigrant and immigration research available to users like you. They include: Center for an Urban Future, Immigrant Policy Center, Migration Policy Institute, Diversity Dynamics, and Institute for Asian American Studies and Mauricio Gaston Institute for Latino Public Policy and Community Development at University of Massachusetts Boston. We specially thank Nick Montalto of Diversity Dynamics for providing several of the research summaries. See below for more contributors. We at The ILC Public Education Institute continue to develop collaborators to make critical research available to you.








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